30 November 2023

On November 29th, 2023, Musti Group announced that a consortium comprising Sonae, Jeffrey David (the Chair of Musti Group plc’s Board of Directors), Johan Dettel (a member of Musti Group Plc’s Board of Directors),
and David Rönnberg (the Chief Executive Officer of Musti Group Plc), was formed for the purpose of making a recommended voluntary public cash tender offer for all the issued and outstanding shares in Musti Group plc.

Sonae was founded in 1959 and is a Portuguese-headquartered, multinational group with market-leading positions in its key markets across several sectors, including retail (food and non-food), health, wellness and beauty, real estate, telecom, technology and financial services.

The offer price under the tender offer is EUR 26 in cash for eash share validly tendered in the tender offer.

Inside information: A consortium comprising Sonae, Jeffrey David, Johan Dettel and David Rönnberg announces a recommended public tender offer through Flybird Holding Oy for all shares in Musti

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