Etalon Partners is a long-only, unleveraged equity investment fund. The fund is focused on the US public equity market but has a broad geographical mandate. The fund aims to achieve attractive risk-adjusted returns by managing a diversified portfolio of value equities, with an emphasis on event-driven situations


The fund manager believes that excellent investment returns could be achieved through the fusion of two approaches: value investing and an opportunistic focus on significant corporate events. After many years of focus on event-driven situations, and as a natural further evolution, the fund manager developed his own investment philosophy that proposes to integrate ideas from literature and narrative mode of thinking into investment research and management process. Investment philosophy of the fund is therefore an integration of these three perspectives.


In the event-driven space, the fund focuses on a broad range of corporate events. Merger arbitrage is deliberately excluded. Corporate events of focus include, among others:


– Spin-offs
– M&A situations
– Activist investor campaigns
– Asset or business segment sales
– IPOs of companies with meaningful operating history (which were owned by private equity, for example)
– SPACs (special purpose acquisition corporations)
– Share buybacks and tender offers
– Operational or capital structure reforms
– Other significant transactions


In making its investments, the fund emphasizes value investing principles:


– Investment in stocks as partial ownership of a business

– Bottom-up, fundamental valuation of securities

– Insistence on margin of safety

– Long-term investment perspective

– Patience


Portfolio manager integrates ideas from literature into investment research and management process:


– Looks at companies and stocks as stories

– Best investments are just like good stories or movies: with three part structure, important turning points, intrigue, drama, and surprises

– Provides dynamic, not only static perspective

– Adds required “art” part to investing equation: imagination, structure, narrative, surprises, characters

– Narrative mode of thinking complements analytical one

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